Augmented Reality
for Brands in Russia
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Augmented Reality for Brands in Russia

We create with customers in mind
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VR for brands
Why does a brand need Instagram filters and Facebook?

Augmented reality offers a unique immersive experience that combines elements of reality and virtual reality.

This makes it possible to:

  • Make your brand more memorable and increase the duration of contact
  • Stand out from advertising clutter
  • Transform brand perception
  • Engage
  • Evoke positive emotions
The biggest advantage of Instagram masks is viral potential

Instagram users can load your mask to their account and use it to create personalized content.

This is how a challenge or viral effect starts, significantly increasing the reach of an advertising campaign and making communication far more effective.

Employing these techniques requires professionalism and experience, as well as a detailed study of both the mechanics themselves, creativity, and distribution.

If you stick with professionals, the results will delight you!

Masks and Filters.
Branded effects.
There are various genres of Instagram masks and filters. Possible mechanics include masks, mimic games, object binding, or a portal.
Brand effects are a great tool to boost your challenge!
AR Platforms
You Can Publish On
Web AR
Augmented reality that can run in a browser!!!
Maximum audience coverage
Maximum audience coverage
95% of mobile devices can launch augmented reality creatives without installing an additional app, maximizing audience reach.
Web AR is augmented reality that can run in a browser!!! 95% of mobile devices can launch augmented reality creatives without installing an additional app, maximizing audience reach.
Brainrus expertise with Web AR
What is special about Brainrus`s experience with Web AR?
  1. We launched Russia`s first large-scale Web AR campaign for "Rastishka. Toy Story", when AR technology just appeared. We have been working with Web AR campaigns longer than anyone else in Russia.
  2. Brainrus`s has the most extensive experience in bringing Web AR advertising cases to the market — over 25 cases per year. The most famous brands trust us with their image: their packaging. In 2020 alone, our marketing techniques were placed on 500,000,000 packages.
  3. We have a unique toolkit for monitoring engagement with creatives, which allows you to receive customizable statistics on all significant parameters for a creative. This is a unique innovation that none of our competitors have.
  4. We`e do end-to-end development and implementation of Web AR concepts, because we are well-versed in the technology`s limitations and can skillfully avoid them.
  5. We love and understand both AR consumers and AR customers.😀
Instagram vs Web AR
Instagram vs Web AR

You ask: "Why use Web AR when the same thing can be done with the Instagram app, which has great penetration and is installed on most mobile devices?" Great question! Let`s find out:

  1. Instagram significant limits the branding experience: no static captions with logos, but those are very useful to both of us 😀!
  2. After a user goes through an experience, Instagram does not let you provide an external link, which means you cannot take a "primed" user to your promo page.
  3. Instagram allows creatives that are less than 4 megabytes, but Web AR accommodates roughly 10 megabytes, which significantly affects the quality of the user experience.
  4. You have the ability to audit placement using tools that are traditional for mobile web campaigns: Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics.
  5. Independence from deadlines for creatives, which are not always manageable when releasing a creative on Instagram.

That doesn`t mean that the Instagram experience is inadequate. It means that it should be used for its intended purpose: to engage an audience on a social network. For everything else, there`s Web AR 😀!

What is Web AR for
Web AR solutions are great if:
  1. You need to get your audience to engage with augmented reality launched from your product packaging.
  2. You want to launch an augmented reality media campaign (from a banner).
  3. You want to integrate augmented reality into a mobile website.
  4. You want to activate augmented reality from a TV video by reading a QR code.
  5. You want to complement in-store activation with augmented reality.
Web AR
For 5 years,
we have been bringing brands and consumers together through Augmented Reality!
AR campaigns
unique creatives
30 kk
activations and interactions
Pepsi Summer Vibes
Augmented reality emphasizes the message

The purpose of any advertising is to alter the consciousness of customers. Augmented reality maximizes an advertising message`s capacity to communicate.

Danone Rastishka
Augmented reality drives action

Customers are motivated to take action as the result of the well-coordinated interplay of each step of a marketing strategy: message, channel, format, creative. Augmented reality is a new, immersive experience that delivers results.

How must did the presence of augmented reality on the packaging influence your decision to buy Rastishka?
We are recognized by the advertising industry!
Best Case:
Offline + Online
Pepsi + Brainrus + Shazam

Rewarding companies that have made a breakthrough in creating convergent campaigns.

Customers are motivated to buy when they have a positive experience with packaging. Augmented reality is a unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors!

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Additional Reality delivers results

Consumers are motivated to act after a positive experience with advertising. Augmented reality is a unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors and create positive emotions for your client.

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    Here we have collected the best case studies and best practices related to augmented reality in advertising. Each campaign is another opportunity for our customers to move towards increased performance.

    See all case studies
    Pulpy May 2020
    Interesting and creative mechanics, high audience interest
    Тигран Антонян

    Kellogg June 2020
    The Brainrus team created full-fledged 3D objects for each dinosaur and developed interesting and creative mechanics that children enjoy immensely
    Екатерина Корчагина

    Oreo September 2020
    Add value to packaging with an interactive augmented reality experience and share the story of our 5th anniversary in a unique way
    Николай Иванов

    Milka April 2020
    The brand communicated with the consumer as entertainment, not advertising. Product enhanced by AR solutions like this easily direct the customer's attention to the shelf and positively influence purchasing decisions.
    Мария Смирнова

    • Visualization and customer engagement with the brand
    • A tool to generate interest in primary and secondary sales
    • Increased customer loyalty and an expanded audience
    • Wow effect from interacting with packaging
    • Most effective offline-to-online tool
    • Analytics on campaign results and recommendations for creating AR-based advertising
    • Vast expertise and experience to support your projects
    • Innovative product that extends your offering
    • Outsourcing and support for any stage of the project: creative idea + visualization, AR build, analytics.
    • The product adapts itself to tasks at any level of marketing: BTL, ATL, SMM, DOOH, retail, and buzz marketing.
    • Special terms for high-volume orders.
    • Creation of unique digital content that can be changed and added to, while constantly holding your customers` interest
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